COVID19 Guidelines and Updates

To All Clubs,

Following on from a meeting with the FAI and our referees last night, we are under strict instruction to inform clubs of the following:

  • Clubs are to continue to follow the government and FAI Guidelines regarding the number of spectators at a game depending on the age groups
  • Clubs are to use there own COVID19 risk assessments to ensure the safety and well being of the players, coaches, spectators and the referees.
  • All referees and away team managers must be met by the home teams COVID officer or delegate and informed of the home teams COVID policy and contact tracing procedures.
  • If the referee is unhappy with the safety measures in place then he will inform both the home team and away team manager and if any one of the three are not satisfied that the game can go ahead safely then the referee has the power to call off the game.
  • The referee has also been instructed to inform the FAI and the league of any clubs who are failing to comply with the COVID guidelines and any breeches will be dealt with strongly by the Cork Youth League committee.

We are delighted to be back playing football and hope that it can continue but this will only be possible if clubs continue to follow the relative safety guidelines.